Asianfanfics Ask!

Yes, I am the girl who took the picture with Dongwoo at Hollywood today and this is my fan account.

First off, I had NO idea they were going to be at Hollywood today. Going to Hollywood today was originally planned for me and I just thought, “Haha, it would be funny if I saw Infinite here.” And then I did.

My friend (she doesn’t know kpop very well so she doesn’t know what Infinite looks like) and I were walking down Hollywood Blvd just cruising and then we went upstairs to the food court to just walk around. I looked down from one ledge to look at stuff and then we walked over to the other ledge and looked down. My friend pointed at some people and said, “Look at those 3 guys, they look like fobs, is that Infinite?” I saw three guys with dyed, fluffy hair. Two were in wife-beaters. The guy in the front turned around to talk to the guy behind him and I saw his face. It was Woohyun (my bias). And he was talking to Hoya. Behind Hoya was Sungjong. My friend and I started running back downstairs and ran towards where they were. That’s where I saw all of Infinite and their stylists and managers. 

Honestly, I didn’t know what to do. My friend was pulling and pushing me asking me why I kept walking but I guess I just didn’t want to bother them so I just walked around them. Then I turned around and looked at them and saw a clear view of Woohyun. And then I saw Dongwoo walking towards me by himself.

As Dongwoo came closer, I said, “Dongwoo…?” And then he looked at me kind of surprised that I recognized him. (We talked in korean). “You’re Infinite’s Dongwoo right?” He smiled and nodded, “Yeah I am. Ahn-young-ha-sae-yo.” I smiled and said, “I’m a REALLY big fan… I heard you guys were in LA but I didn’t know you guys would be here. Wow…” And he just continued to smile and said, “Yeah, we’re filming right now.” So I pulled out my phone and asked, “Is it okay if I take a picture with you?” And he very kindly nodded (slightly looked over at the group, I’m assuming he was trying to see if his manager would hunt him down) and said, “Of course, I’m not even doing anything important right now.” So I gave my friend my phone and we took a picture (he wasn’t really ready for the picture LOL) And then I saw him pull out HIS phone and he gave it to my friend and asked, “Can you take a picture?” THAT WAS SO UNEXPECTED LIKE WHAT?!?! WE TOOK A PICTURE OF US ON HIS PHONE. MY FACE IS ON HIS PHONE. WHAT IS LIFE.

After we take the picture, he said something in english and I was like, “Oh yeah, you speak some english right?” And he smiled and said, “Just a little, I’m not very good.” And then he looked at me and asked, “Who’s your favorite from Infinite?” And then I just kind of laughed because I didn’t know whether to tell him the truth or to say that it was him (he’s my second favorite from the group) but I decided to tell him the truth. “Woohyun oppa…” He pointed over at the group and said, “They’re all just hanging out over there so yeah.” And then Dongwoo’s manager came over and took him back.

So I walked closer to Infinite and saw them. I’m not sure if Dongwoo said something but Sungyeol, Woohyun, and L looked at us. Not in a bad way or anything but they just glanced over. I was REALLY tempted to go up to them and ask them for pictures and what not but they were all getting their makeup done/fixed and getting dressed and their managers & stylists kept looking at us after Dongwoo returned so it was a clear sign: “DON’T BOTHER US.” I was just being smart and knew better than to bother them because they were WORKING. After they were done getting ready, they started to film. I basically saw what they were filming a little bit but I should keep that a secret ^__^

SO HERE IS WHAT I SAW OF INFINITE. I’m sure you guys are ALL wondering. I’m 5’6. Dongwoo was honestly about an inch taller than me & I’m positive he wasn’t wearing lifts. Woohyun was a lot taller than Dongwoo but it was obvious he had lifts. Sungjong was surprisingly tall too… but besides that everyone was pretty tall. Sungyeol was very tall LOL.


  • L looked worn out, tired, and pissed. He was sitting by the wall the entire time until they got up to go shoot. No one really bothered him either so I don’t know what was wrong. His face expression was the same before shooting, during shooting, and after shooting. Honestly, he looks the same in real life and TV… maybe I need to see him more up close and personal but from where I stood, he looked the same.
  • Sungyeol was very talkative to his staff. Nothing else much but he kept looking at me and my friend. I really think it’s because Dongwoo had said something because they were talking to each other when Sungyeol kept looking at us. But he’s VERY good looking. I think pictures don’t do him justice. He seemed kind of stressed out though when he was talking to the workers.
  • Woohyun…oh my gosh, he’s so flawless. Pictures and videos REALLY don’t do him justice. He is SO much better looking in real life. Although I don’t really like his new hairdo, GOSH he is so beautiful. I have to say though, he’s really skinny. He has an ant waist for a guy. Gosh he’s so cute sdghaskdjhg. I saw his stylist fixing his hair, putting on a vest for him, and putting lip gloss(?) on him. I was so jealous of her… I made eye contact with him like 3 times even though I had my sunglasses on HAHA. And he was dancing (maybe practicing?) and oh my gosh, he’s so sexy. Words cannot explain.
  • Sunggyu was much better looking in real life too. I didn’t really get to see him much but he was just getting his hair fixed and talking. He looked like he was thinking about something, like he was trying to find a solution to a problem. I’m not sure, that’s just what it looked like to me.
  • Sungjong, where do I begin? Whenever I see him in pictures and videos and whatnot, I just always thought, “Aw, he’s so cute, he’s so pretty.” But when I saw him walk by, he was GORGEOUS. Like WHAT THE HELL. I honestly think he was glowing. He was SO pretty, it took me by surprise. PICTURES AND VIDEOS DEFINITELY DO NOT DO HIS BEAUTY JUSTICE. Sungjong is PLAIN DEAD GORGEOUS.
  • I’m sorry Hoya fans, I didn’t get to see him much. I saw the top of his head and his back. That boy is buff but he’s more of a skinny buff. He was very occupied with getting his makeup done and he was covered by stylists and managers and staff people so I really couldn’t see him ):
  • Dongwoo… honestly, he looks the same from TV HAHA but I have to say, he is SUPER sweet. When we were talking, he didn’t act like he didn’t want to talk to me. He was really surprised when I started speaking in korean, I guess he just really didn’t expect to see fans around, let alone korean fans. I guess the fact that I spoke korean to him made him more comfortable to talk to me. That boy is REALLY skinny though. I just can’t believe our picture is on HIS phone. Oh, they were walking to another part of the street to continue filming and they were across the street and I was just staring, kind of following. He turned to look and then did a double take when he saw us. I think he was just really happy to see a fan and I guess he’ll remember us LOL. I mean…my face IS on his phone…AHH I’M SO HAPPY HEHE. Dongwoo’s so sweet guys… ksdhgka

Honestly guys, if you guys run into them, you shouldn’t squeal and grab them or make sudden movements because if you do, that’ll scare them. I acted completely sane (I was going crazy inside though) and that helped me to get a good conversation with him because he felt comfortable. He actually kept talking to me too like he wanted to talk to me. Their music video seems like it’s going to be great so look forward to it CUHS I AM. And I think they were making some behind the scene filming because while some of them were getting ready, some guys were filming them and talking to them. I hope I got into some of those shots ^___^

PLEASE. I BEG YOU. DO NOT RUIN THEIR LA EXPERIENCE. They seemed like they were enjoying their freedom here away from fans. They were walking around so freely and happy. They don’t get to do that in Korea. Their managers and stylists kept checking up on us to make sure we don’t attack them and to make sure we don’t disturb their shooting. Please respect them!